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Black Python Leather Skull Bracelet with Sapphire Eyes
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Black Python Leather Skull Bracelet with Sapphire Eyes
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Black Python Leather Skull Bracelet with Sapphire Eyes Black Python Leather Skull Bracelet with Sapphire Eyes Black Python Leather Skull Bracelet with Sapphire Eyes guy wearing Sapphire mens skull bracelet guy wearing skull bracelet in a porsche 911 turbo

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Click Here for a Printable Measuring Tape

Our Sapphire Double Skull Bracelet is designed with Real Sapphire Gemstones & Genuine Python Leather creating a high end mens jewelry piece.


  • Genuine python leather
  • 925 solid silver hardware with gunmetal plated skulls
  • 6 total carat weight of certified non heat treated sapphire gemstones
  • Magnetic clasp with interlocking flush design
  • Certificate of Authenticity included
  • Luxury Boxed Set
  • Soft velvet travel pouch included

Measure around your wrist using our printable measuring tape or your own measuring tape and choose your size accordingly. Make sure to measure the exact size in cm for the best fit. 

Small:     15.5cm - 16.3cm (6.1" - 6.4")
Medium: 16.4cm - 17.5cm (6.5" - 6.9")
Large:     17.6cm - 18.4cm (7.0" - 7.2")
X-Large: 18.5cm - 19.4cm (7.3" - 7.6")


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This Sapphire black python skull bracelet is made from 925 solid sterling silver and plated with black gunmetal creating a refined and smooth finish.

    guy wearing sapphire python skull bracelet

    What is the Symbolism behind the Skulls used in these high-end bracelets?
    Since the beginning of human civilization mens skull jewellery has been used as a symbol of power, mortality, wisdom, and spirit. In ancient times, people used the skulls of enemies to celebrate victory in battle or to honor fallen heroes. Skulls were a talisman of conquest and power, and were believed to encapsulate the wisdom and soul of the human it belonged too. A skull was even believed to serve as a conduit to transfer the spirit of the dead into the bearer of the skull. They were often worn in battle to intimidate enemies or to portray power and strength when meeting leaders of other cultures. Our skull jewelry for men is masculine, and elegant; it serves as a symbol of life, wisdom, knowledge and power. This sapphire mens skull bracelet makes a fascinating statement about how life, luxury, and rebirth intertwine.


     Sapphire gemstone

    Do the sapphire gemstones have healing properties?
    For centuries, sapphires have been considered a royal gemstone and have often been seen in men’s jewelry through out time. Kings wore sapphires around their necks because of their metaphysical ability to protect against negativity. They are known to bring wisdom and truth while increasing understanding and communication. Sapphires offer many healing properties; they help to achieve inner peace and spiritual connection to ones’ faith. They aid in keeping thoughts pure and heavenly and are often associated with the study of the night sky and the stars. Sapphires get their color from the iron and titanium within the stone and were even ground up and used in all purpose medicine throughout ancient history. These precious gemstones are inserted into the gunmetal bracelet skull leaving the wearer with a unique and meaningful piece.

    See detailed close up videos and pictures of our Sapphire sterling silver skull bracelet here.

    Sapphire skull bracelet set on model

    How does the clasp work?
    Our sapphire gunmetal skull bracelet clasp opens and closes easily and has been redesigned specifically for our current third-generation black python skull bracelets. The clasp is an interlocking magnetic clasp and can be opened by simply pushing upward and downward on an opposing 45-degree angle. When removing this sapphire double skull bracelet from your wrist, gently press one side of the clasp downward using your thumb and the other side of the clasp upwards using your index finger (from below). If you are experiencing difficulty opening and closing your sapphire sterling silver skull bracelet, give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to assist you, or find out more about the products we use - such as silver!

    Sapphire skull bracelet on a model

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