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Black Lizard Leather Skull Bracelet with Ruby Eyes
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Black Lizard Leather Skull Bracelet with Ruby Eyes
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Black Lizard Leather Skull Bracelet with Ruby Eyes Full shot of mens skull bracelet Man wearing python bracelet

$499.00 USD
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This expensive & Heavy Ruby Eye Skull Bracelet is designed with Real Ruby Gemstones & Genuine Lizard Leather creating a high quality and luxurious mens skull bracelet.


  • Genuine lizard leather
  • 925 solid silver hardware with black platinum plated skulls
  • 6 total carat weight of certified non-heat treated ruby eyes
  • Magnetic clasp with interlocking flush design
  • Certificate of Authenticity included
  • Luxury Boxed Set
  • Soft velvet travel pouch included

Measure around your wrist using our printable measuring tape or your own measuring tape and choose your size accordingly. Make sure to measure the exact size in cm for the best fit. 

Small:     15.5cm - 16.3cm (6.1" - 6.4")
Medium: 16.4cm - 17.5cm (6.5" - 6.9")
Large:     17.6cm - 18.4cm (7.0" - 7.2")
X-Large: 18.5cm - 19.4cm (7.3" - 7.6")


  • 30 Day Returns / Exchange
  • Complimentary Shipping to the US & Canada
  • Express International Shipping Available (1-3 business days) 
  • One Year Warranty
  • Secure Payment Options (Paypal, Credit, & Debit) 

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Our black leather ruby eye skull bracelet is one of our most signature pieces. We’ve made numerous improvements to this design spanning over 2 years through thorough quality testing and customer feedback to create this innovative, mens skull bracelet design. 

Full shot of ruby eye skull bracelet

What is the Symbolism behind the Skull?
Men’s skull jewellery has steadily increased in popularity, finding its way into the modern man’s jewelry collection. Since the very beginning of human civilization, skull jewelry for men has been used as a symbol of power, mortality, wisdom, and spirit. In ancient times, the skulls of enemies were used to celebrate victory in battle or honor fallen heroes. As a talisman of conquest and power, the skull was thought to encapsulate the wisdom and spirit of the individual and serve as a conduit to transfer that essence into the bearer of the skull. Either worn into battle to intimidate enemies or as a show of power when meeting representatives of other cultures, skull jewelry for men emanated power, wisdom, and danger.

Our ruby eye skull bracelet stands as a symbol of morality as well as life, power, and knowledge--create not just an exquisite fashion piece, but a powerful statement about how life, luxury, and rebirth intertwine.

The world loves rubies, find out more about what is the main draw to them around the world!

The bracelet skull is made from 925 solid sterling silver and plated with black platinum creating a polished and smooth finish.

Do the ruby gemstones have healing properties?
For centuries, rubies have been considered a royal gemstone. Autobahnlife jewelers precisely install the precious ruby stones into the eyes of this ruby eye skull bracelet. Rubies do have powerful healing properties, even when encased inside a skull bracelet. They have been known to shield against negative energies, while offering strength, courage, leadership, joy, and evoke passion for the wearer and the admirer. When wearing this mens skull bracelet, you and everyone around you will witness the effects of changing red hues and sparkle of the perfectly cut ruby gemstones in your men’s jewelry.

Wearing the ruby eye skull bracelet in style

How long does shipping take?

US & Canada
Complimentary shipping is available on all orders going to the US and Canada. Delivery is 5-10 business days through Canada Post or USPS. We also offer DHL Express delivery which is 1-3 business days to the US and a $25.00 flat rate. All shipments come with a tracking number.

Rest of World
We do offer DHL express 3-5 business day shipping for the rest of the world for $30.00 - $50.00 USD depending on where in the world you are located. Most countries will receive free shipping if they spend $500 or more. All orders come with a tracking number so that you can keep updated on the delivery status of your order.

Driving in style with the ruby eye skull bracelet

What if I’m not happy with my ruby eye skull bracelet?
If you are not happy with this men’s skull bracelet, simply send us an email and we will set up a return or an exchange for you, whichever you prefer with no questions asked! We just ask that you send it back to us within 30 days of receiving your ruby eye skull bracelet and that the skull bracelet is in brand new condition.

How does the warranty policy work?
We take great care to test and perfect each piece of jewelry we design. We offer a one-year warranty on any rarely occurring manufacturer defects. In the event that a defect arises with your men’s skull jewelry simply email us a photo and a short description of the defect and we will be happy to repair or replace your bracelet at our cost.

See a detailed close up video and pictures of this ruby eye skull bracelet.

Do you ever have any specials?
We offer all first time customers 10% off our mens skull jewellery and leather wristbands by simply joining our VIP list! You can sign up by adding your email to the subscription box at the very bottom of this page.

The sleek and elegant skull bracelet in action

Where are the rubies and exotic lizard leather sourced?
The premium lizard leather used for this skull bracelet is hand selected from Thailand and sourced from ethically certified leather farms. All lizard skins come in a natural hue and are then dyed a deep black, the leather is finished with a protective coating to ensure your ruby eye skull bracelet gets many years of wear.

The ruby gemstones are sourced from trusted suppliers and are NOT heat artificially injected and head treated.  Many gemstones and diamonds today are artificially grown in farms, we do not support these stone farms. All of our rubies are naturally formed beneath the earth's’ surface. Each stone is inspected and hand picked. Once the rubies have been selected we perform an ages old cleansing ritual. Each stone is washed with fresh water and stored in a cool dry place away from any heat or sunlight. This ritual helps to cleanse and strengthen the energy of the rubies in this mens skull bracelet.

The Design Process
We have taken the traditional concept of skull jewelry for men and wristbands with skulls and created a piece that is not only edgy but also modern and elegant.

This black lizard leather skull bracelet with ruby eyes is designed with great care and attention to detail. Our current third generation improvements have allowed us to reach our current levels of perfection. Prior to shipping, quality control inspects and packages each and every skull bracelet to ensure that there are no defects to ensure that you are receiving a top quality piece of mens skull jewelry. Here is our five step design process:

Manufacturing starts with the bracelet skulls and clasp, which are made from solid 925 sterling silver. The silver is poured onto a special mold and then it is laid out to harden and cool. Once the bracelet skulls have cooled they are polished by hand and coated with a proprietary black platinum finish, which gives this mens skull bracelet it’s flawless shine and smooth appearance. Second, our jewelers carefully place ruby stones into the eyes of the skulls. Third, we take the selected lizard leather which is finished with a special protective coating and carefully rolled and glued onto a pliable solid core to form the band of the bracelet. Fourth, we slide the skulls onto the leather bracelet for a snug fit to prevent them from sliding. Finally the clasp is installed using special jewelry quality glue and two pins are inserted for additional security through the leather band and clasp. The design process and hand made assembly of our ruby eye skull bracelet is an intricate process that results in a quality, ready to wear piece.

Check out the stunning skull bracelet

How does the clasp work?
This ruby eye skull bracelet clasp will open very easily and has been redesigned for our current third-generation skull bracelets.   It's easy to open this high quality mens bracelet by pushing upward and downward on an opposing 45-degree angles. When removing the mens skull bracelet from your wrist, press one side of the clasp downward using your thumb and the other side of the clasp upwards using your index finger (from below). If you require any assistance, we are here at your service to help in anyway we can!

Where can I buy mens bracelets?
All of our men’s jewelry items are currently available online only. We do offer international express delivery service. We have an easy 30-day exchange and return policy and offer a one-year warranty on all product. It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and that you are excited to visit and buy mens bracelets here again and again. We look forward to attending to all of your jewelry needs!

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Selecting the correct mens black bracelet for you is critical, we want to make sure that you walk away with a sense of excitement and pride knowing that you have made a huge improvement on your attire. 

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