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Your quest for an exquisite skull bracelet for men begins, and ends, with our captivating men’s ruby eye skull bracelet. From catwalks to private haute couture collections, skull jewelry for men has become the quintessential statement piece for the man on the move, on the prowl, and on the way up. The skull bracelet is the perfect piece of men’s skull jewellery: the sleek designs and impeccable craftsmanship unite style with functionality while blending timeless materials with unexpected contemporary detailing to become the definitive men’s skull bracelet of 2018 and beyond.

Bold, modern, and beautiful, this precision handcrafted piece incorporates painstaking detail, sumptuous lizard leather, decadent platinum plating, and opulent ruby gemstones into one extravagantly luxurious skull bracelet for men. Whether worn alone or paired with another one of our sophisticated men’s skull jewellery items, this piece will set you apart from the ordinary with its striking features, surprising details, and luxuriant materials.

The ruby eye skull bracelet is more than just another men’s skull bracelet; with precision craftsmanship, luxe materials, and flawless style, our skull bracelet is your next great love affair.

Your infatuation starts with the smooth and sleek flow of top-quality lizard leather, flawlessly worked into a seamless band that sensually encircles the wrist. As the skull bracelet glides across your skin, the lizard leather is at once both indulgent and practical – the exotic lizard leather men’s skull bracelet exudes the cool nocturnal reptilian spirit while its understated elegance adds luxury to your everyday suit and tie.

Your newest fashion obsession continues to impress with genuine black platinum-plated skull hardware. At the height of trending style, this men’s skull bracelet is a decadent piece of wrist art: from the precision detailing of the features to the 925 sterling silver and platinum plating, it surpasses other skull jewelry for men with its refined taste and unexpected attitude. Our ruby eye skull bracelet is edgy and hip enough to make you king of the millennial crowd while being sophisticated enough to establish you as the man-in-charge at your next boardroom meeting. The ultimate accessory, our boldly crafted and perfectly curated ruby eye skull bracelet breaks the mold on traditional men’s fashion pieces for those men who make fashion happen, instead of following it.

The crowning detail of this exquisite skull bracelet for men lies in the captivating certified genuine ruby eyes. The 0.6 total carat weight gems soak in and capture the light in any room – from the cabin of your private plane to the darkest corners of the most exclusive clubs, the gemstone eyes refract pure elegance, taste, and mystery. Long revered as a symbol of youth and vitality, the ruby accents add a touch of royalty and splendor to an already impressive men’s skull bracelet. Like a snake charmer who kisses danger, the hypnotic ruby accented eyes will entice and ensnare the senses. The ruby eye skull bracelet sparkles with the light of a thousand long-forgotten ancient civilizations all while resting comfortably on your wrist as you work or play. From uptown to downtown, sunrise to sunset, these ruby gemstones will glitter and glow no matter where life takes you.

Our limited-edition release handcrafted Black Lizard Leather Skull Bracelet with Ruby Eyes will escalate your style and captivate imaginations wherever you choose to roam. Our stunning ruby eye skull bracelet comes nestled in a black piano finish wooden luxury box with a metal hinge; the complete luxury boxed set makes the perfect skull jewelry for men gift or a well-deserved indulgence for yourself.



Men’s skull jewellery has steadily increased in popularity and is now the height of sophistication and luxe fashion worldwide. Whether peeking out from under your cuff during a champagne toast or flashing in the sun as you relax on a tropical island vacation, our ruby eye skull bracelet injects a touch of luxury and danger into any bold, modern man’s jewelry collection.

Since the very beginning of human civilization, skull jewelry for men has been used as a symbol of power, death, mortality, wisdom, and the spirit. In ancient times, the skulls of enemies were used to celebrate victory in battle or honor fallen heroes. As a talisman of conquest and power, the skull was thought to encapsulate the wisdom and spirit of the individual and serve as a conduit to transfer that essence into the bearer of the skull. Either worn into battle to intimidate enemies or as a show of power when meeting representatives of other cultures, skull jewelry for men emanated power, wisdom, and danger.

In modern times, the skull has been embraced as a fashion accessory for rulebreakers, unconventional business magnates, and die-hard bad ass rock and rollers. Our ruby eye skull bracelet sets its wearer apart from the pack as a fearless and uncompromising man of the world who embraces the unexpected and lives by his own code. The titillating allure of its world class craftmanship is offset by its no-holds-barred attitude for the man who is fashionable by choice, not chance.

The dichotomy between the lizard--whose regenerative properties have long inspired stories of immortality--and the skulls--a symbol of morality as well as life, power, and knowledge--create not just an exquisite fashion piece, but a powerful statement about how life, luxury, and rebirth intertwine.

The reckless beauty, unfettered style, and unsurpassed sophistication of our ruby eye skull bracelet encompasses the raw power of unchecked masculinity, the mystery of mortality, and the epic history of skull jewelry for men.

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