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Product Care

In order to ensure that your Autobahnlife product remains in good condition and lasts a long time we recommend…

  • Removing your Autobahnlife bracelet prior to showering or swimming. Be careful when washing your hands or doing dishes as water can damage the leather and finish of the jewelry. 
  • Removing your Autobahnlife bracelet before applying perfumes or hand creams
  • Refraining from stretching or pulling too hard on the jewelry. If you are having trouble opening or closing your bracelet please contact us for immediate assistance, do not put any force on your bracelet. 
  • Using a soft cloth to clean your Autobahnlife bracelet and a gentle leather cleaner. 
  • Avoid dropping or rubbing your Autobahnlife bracelet against abrasive or hard surfaces.
  • When stacking bracelets always make sure to wear them with a tighter fit and space them out around your wrist so that they are not constantly rubbing against each other. You can also ask us about our Stopper Bracelets which we've designed to wear in-between bracelets to protect them. 
  • Refer to your warranty guide and contact us anytime for more information on product care. 
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