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Luxury Mens Skull Bracelets

Luxury mens leather bracelets featuring skulls with genuine emeralds, sapphire, & ruby eyes. Explore a unique variety of colors and styles. Our exclusive, original, and handmade mens bracelets feature top grade exotic python and lizard fine leathers with highly polished precious metals.
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Expensive & Heavy Mens Skull Bracelets designed using Real Gemstones & Exotic Leathers these mens skull bracelets are high quality & luxurious.

Discover our signature collection of luxury mens skull bracelets featuring real sapphire, & ruby gemstone eyes. Our exclusive, original, and handmade bracelet skulls come in a variety of unique colors and styles. Each bracelet features top grade exotic python and lizard leathers with highly polished skulls made from precious metals like 925 Sterling silver, gold and black platinum. All of our skull bracelets for men come in a luxury boxed set with a certificate of authenticity. We also include a soft blue velvet pouch for travel and storage.

We offer Eleven different styles of Mens Skulls Bracelets that are made using precious metals including Gold and 925 Sterling Silver.

What is the meaning behind the Skull?
Mens skull bracelets have steadily increased in demand over the years, finding their way into the modern man’s jewelry collection. Since the early ages of human civilization, skulls have been used as a symbol of power, wisdom, spirit and mortality. The skulls of enemies were often used to honor fallen heroes or to celebrate victory in battle. As a talisman of conquest and power, the skull was thought to encapsulate the spirit and wisdom of the fallen individual and serve as a conduit to transfer their spirit into the wearer of their skull. Often worn in battle to intimidate enemies or as a subtle reminder of power when meeting representatives, skull bracelets for men exude wisdom, power, and respect. Our mens skull bracelets stand as a symbol of morality as well as power, life, and knowledge. Creating not only an exquisite piece of jewelry, but also a powerful statement about how luxury, life, and rebirth intertwine.

Discover Mens Skull Bracelets; see detailed close up videos and pictures of these skull bracelets.

Close up shot of a ruby eye skull bracelet

How long does shipping take?

US & Canada
Complimentary shipping is applied to all skull bracelet mens orders in the US and Canada. Standard delivery through Canada Post or USPS takes about 5-10 business days. We do offer DHL express delivery to the US that takes only 1-3 business days, there is a $25.00 flat rate for express shipping. All shipments come with a tracking number so that you can keep updated on your order status.

Rest of World
We offer 3-5 business day shipping through DHL Express anywhere in the world for $30.00 - $50.00 USD, the exact rate varies depending on where in the world you are located. Most countries will receive complimentary shipping on orders of $500 or more. A tracking number is provided for all mens skull bracelets.

What if I’m not happy with this skull jewelry for men?
If you are not completely satisfied with your bracelet, kindly send us an email and we will happily set up an exchange or return within 30 days of receiving your skull bracelet mens. Please note that we only accept returns or exchanges on jewelry that is in new condition.

Find out more about the products and supplies we use for many of our products such as our sterling silver skull bracelets here at Autobahnlife, including silver!

How does the warranty policy work?
We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. In the event that a defect arises with your bracelet, kindly send us a short description and image of the defect and we will happily replace or repair your bracelet at our cost.

How does the clasp work?
The clasp opens easily and uses a magnetic interlocking system. To open, simply apply slight pressure on either end of the clasp pushing the bottom part of the clasp downwards and the top part upwards. The clasp is easiest to open when you push upward and downward on a 45-degree angle. If you require any assistance or have any questions about how to open your skull bracelet mens we are always happy to help you in anyway we can!

Can I wear it with a watch or another bracelet?
Mens skull bracelets look best when stacked with another one of our snake bracelets or a nice watch, they are also great stand alone pieces. If you plan on wearing your bracelet with a watch, we do offer a matching leather ‘stopper bracelet’ to wear in-between your watch and bracelet to protect both as any polished metal on metal contact after time could mark.

Skull Bracelet Collection Displayed on Wrist

How do I care for my bracelet?
It is important to keep your python bracelet away from water by removing it prior to showering, swimming, applying hand creams and, or perfumes. While not wearing your bracelet, we recommend storing it in a dry and safe place like our soft velvet pouch or box. Both are included with any bracelet purchase for your convenience. Be careful not to pull or tug on the bracelet clasp and avoid rubbing it against hard surfaces. We recommend only using a soft cloth to clean your mens skull bracelets. If you have anymore questions about our snakeskin bracelets feel free to contact us anytime and we will happily assist you.

Do you ever have any specials?
All first time customers are eligible to receive 10% off our mens skull bracelets and skull wristbands by joining our VIP list! Simply sign up by adding your email to our VIP box at the very bottom of this page to claim your code.

What is the design & jewelry care process?
We have taken the traditional concept of skull bracelet mens and created a piece that is not only edgy but that is classy and eclectic. Our mens skull bracelets are designed with great care and have forgone many years of development and improvement. Our quality control team inspects and packages each and every bracelet prior to shipping in order to ensure that you are receiving a top quality piece of jewelry. Here is our five step design process for our bracelets. We always start with the skulls, which are made from solid 925 sterling silver. The silver is poured into a special mold forming the base of the skull and is then laid out to cool and harden. After the skulls have cooled they are plated with 18kt white gold, 18kt rose gold, or our custom made black platinum. Next we hand polish each skull giving it it’s smooth and shiny finish. Third, we take the exotic leather and carefully roll it onto a pliable solid core to form the band of the bracelet. Fourth, we add the skulls onto the band and ensure that they fit tightly around the band to prevent them from sliding. Finally, we add the clasp. This is done using special jewelry quality glue and two pins. The pins are inserted into the clasp and the leather band to hold the clasp in place. The design process of our skull bracelet mens guarantees a quality yet stylish piece of jewelry.

We specialize in mens fashion bracelets, aiming to provide top-of-the-line quality jewelry at every occasion. Selecting one of our sterling silver skull bracelets are sure to guarantee that you own the very best mens fashion bracelets available today! Our selection of bracelets is among the very best mens bracelets that are available anywhere on the market. If you want to be in great company, be sure to grab yours today!

Mens wristbands can be a lifetime investment, make sure you select the perfect designer bracelets for guys and make a lifetime investment you won't regret, today! Mens metal bracelets help tie together an outfit and can add edge and sex appeal to your look! Please note that all skull bracelet images and videos are real and authentic. The way each skull bracelet appears on our website is exactly how you can expect it to look in real life.

Skull Bracelet Collection Displayed on Wrist, while sitting

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