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Bali Solid Silver

Discover our collection of Artisan Woven 925 Sterling Silver bracelets. Hand Made in Bali using a 500-year-old technique, these pieces are a modern and classic form of traditional balinese art and design.

Our bali jewelry is designed with Real Gemstones & 925 Sterling Silver creating an exquisite and high quality collection of woven silver bracelets

Explore our unique collection of Bali Jewelry for men. These handmade bracelets feature artisan woven sterling silver using a 500-year-old Indonesian technique. Our original, elegant, and expertly crafted bracelets come in a variety of exclusive designs including the hammered silver, snake weave, modern chain and braided chain. Each of these mens bali bracelets come in a luxury boxed set, which includes a certificate of authenticity and a soft velvet pouch for convenient travel and storage.

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Model wearing Bali Silver Bracelet Stack

What is the symbolism behind Bali jewelry?

Historical Indonesian and Balinese silver jewelry artificers connect symbolic images within their jewelry in order to represent and honor their rich culture. Jewelry has always been a crucial aspect of Balinese life and it is used to depict the lifecycle of humanity. Bali jewelry was produced mainly for cultural, religious and tribal motivations. Craftsman incorporate influences from Southeast Asian origin, which is often found in traditional Balinese art. Historically, the villagers of Bali believed that jewelry creations warded off evil forces and disease, protected its wearers from harm and gave them strength. The traditions of early Balinese jewelers are reflected in the quality, design and careful execution of every silver woven bracelet.

Stunning Bali Dragon Statues in forest

The Origin behind Bali Jewelry

Bali bracelets are a unique, handmade creation forged in sterling silver using 5000-year-old traditions. Bali is an exotic island in Indonesia, that is home to a village, world-renowned for the craftsmanship of its artisans and expert silversmiths. From this remote village comes the men’s Bali bracelets of Autobahnlife.

All of our 925 sterling silver Bali Jewelry manifest millennia worth of skill and practice which began during the Bronze Age and expertly embodies modern influences and designs. Our craftsmen incorporate each woven silver bracelet with their country’s art and rich heritage. Bali jewelry symbolizes historical Hindu-Javanese based Balinese art with contemporary subjects to produce a truly wearable design.

The creation of our unique Bali bracelets is the pinnacle of millennia of artistic creation with the beauty and elegance of silver to offer a versatile and unique piece of jewelry. Each one of our silver woven bracelets is an exclusive creation from an exotic and heritage-rich land of stunning lakes and volcanic mountains. Our mens bali bracelets are graceful, powerful and will enhance your image, whether you are exploring nature or dominating the corporate world. It is truly the perfect sterling silver wristband for all occasions.

Model wearing Hammered silver Bali Bracelet and woven snake weave bracelet

What sort of silver woven bracelets do you carry?

These treasured silver woven bracelets are hand made in Indonesia by local artisans using a 500-year-old technique.

The traditional Bali bracelets come in a number of different weave styles, which we have used to create a collection of bracelets that are not only high-quality but that are vivid, symbolic, and bold. Our balinese armlets have been perfected by expert craftsman using a 5000-year-old technique and each bracelet is handmade and designed with great care. Our quality control team examines and packages each and every bracelet prior to shipping, in order to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality Bali Jewelry.

Below is information regarding the different designs of our silver woven bracelets:

Hammered Silver Bracelet

Our hammered Bali designer bracelet features stunning white topaz accents around a hammered faceplate. The band of the bracelet uses a braided rope chain design which connects impeccable intricacy with a simple boldness. The bracelet clasps using an ornate push and contains artisan woven solid 925 sterling silver.

Snake Weave Bracelet

This woven silver bracelet is a staple piece that uses a braided rope chain of artisan woven sterling silver to make a powerful statement. The bracelet is inspired by the Ouroboros, the symbol of a snake devouring its own tail. The Ouroboros symbolizes the infinity of the universe and the wholeness of life. The bracelet claps using an ornate push and is an excellent addition to any collection.

Modern chain bracelet

The modern chain bracelet is a statement piece that uses a chain mail rope chain of artisan woven silver to create a modern look on a classic style. Inspired by the culture and history of Bali this braided silver chain bracelet is symbolic, high-quality and multi-purpose. The bracelet clasps using a push clasp with lock and can be versatile in all occasions from formal to casual.

Braided chain bracelet

This braided chain bracelet incorporates the ancient style of a Manah Weave chain with a classic look. The band of the bracelet is handmade from artisan woven sterling silver and clasps with a push clasp and lock. This bracelet combines bold masculinity with detailed care making it a subtle and classic piece.

Discover our collection of bali jewelry; see detailed close up videos and pictures of our mens bali bracelets.

Model in black t shirt wearing Bali Silver Jewelry

Do you ever have any specials?

We offer an intro special on all of our woven silver bracelets for first time customers! You can receive 10% off of our bracelets for men by simply joining our VIP list. To claim your specials code, just add your email to our VIP box at the very bottom of this page. By signing up for our VIP list, you will get access to numerous exclusive specials and offers. You will also be notified about any new bracelets for men we have coming out!

How long does shipping take?

US & Canada

Our Bali Jewelry comes with complimentary standard shipping to both the US & Canada via Canada Post or USPS. Shipping can take anywhere from 5-10 business days for delivery. We also offer Express Shipping through DHL which takes anywhere from 1-3 business days and is a $25.00 US flat rate. All woven silver chain bracelet orders include a tracking number to keep you updated on the status of your delivery.

Rest of the World

International shipping through DHL Express takes approximately 3-5 business days for delivery anywhere in the world. There is a $30.00 - $50.00 USD charge for shipping and the exact rate varies depending on where in the world you are located. Most countries will receive complimentary shipping on orders of $500 or more. All orders include a tracking number to keep you updated on the status of your delivery.

Model in grey t shirt touching bali bracelets

What if I’m not happy with my woven silver bracelet?

We guarantee that you will love your new handmade Bali bracelet. In the event that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please send us an email and we will be happy to arrange a return or exchange for you. Please keep in mind that our return/exchange policy is 30 days from the date you receive your bracelet and only available for bracelets that are still in new condition.

How does the warranty policy work?

In the rare event that a defect arises with any of your Bali bracelets, please send us an email with a picture and a short description of the defect and we will be happy to replace or repair it for you at our cost. Please note that our warranty policy is for one-year from the date of purchase and is for manufacturer defects only.

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