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Why Crocodile & Python Leathers Are A Cut Above The Rest

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Why Crocodile & Python Leathers Are A Cut Above The Rest

Nothing short of luxurious, Crocodile & Python Leathers are a favourite of those who want their accessories to make a bold fashion statement and reflect their unique status – here’s why.

Crocodile and Python leathers are very rich, intricately detailed hides that perfectly complement the modern look of versatility and elegance. Stand out with Crocodile and Python bracelets and command the attention of the any room.

Both these leathers are highly distinguishable from common cowhide – the large scales of a crocodile create a clean and distinct look, whilst a python’s scales are smaller with a unique vibrantly coloured textures. Some manufacturers may try to achieve the same look by stamping or pressing other leathers, it’s obvious that the contrast is stark, and faux skin just doesn’t cut it.

When choosing accessories, you’re looking for something that’s befitting of your style – We’re proud to say that our Croc and Python bracelets are extremely well made, and will outlast any other leather bracelet that you can find on the market, magnificently detailed however surprisingly durable and resilient, just keep them away from water and your bracelet will last for years to come.

Autobahnlife pays close attention to every detail in the manufacturing, assembly and finishing processes. We’re so confident about our product, we’ll make you an offer you can’t resist: we’ll go above and beyond our typical 2 year warranty and replace your bracelet even after this timeframe (as long as it hasn’t been damaged due to negligence).

Our Croc and Python bracelets come with a distinctive, high-end look that sets men and woman apart from the rest. Click to view our Croc and Python series now!

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