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The Meaning behind the Hamsa Hand

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   The Hamsa Hand is one of the world’s best-known symbols for good luck. It originated from some of the oldest religions on Earth, and has been revered for thousands of years by many cultures. It’s been seen in jewelry for centuries.

   The eye forming the centerpiece of the Hamsa Hand is known as the All Seeing Eye, watching over everything, missing nothing. The hand, with its five fingers, represent your five senses, working in harmony and positivity. When you wear the Hamsa Hand, the eye watches out for you, protecting you from evil encounters, ill will, and the dreaded Evil Eye.

   The Evil Eye is a look intended to cause harm, often born out of jealousy or hatred. Many cultures believe the Evil Eye has the power to cause disaster for whoever receives it. Legend says that whoever wears the Hamsa Hand will be protected from the Evil Eye, and receive lasting happiness.

   At Autobahnlife, we’ve combined this ancient symbolism with cutting-edge jewelry design, to create the Diamond Hamsa Hand for Men. With its striking style, elegance and meaning, you’ll be wearing a piece that looks great, and protects the wearer, even with all the eyes in the room upon you.

   The focus of our Hamsa Hand Pendant are the 2.8ct of single-cut diamonds that bling in all night, drawing the attention of anyone who sees it. Diamonds symbolize confidence, and you’ll be walking taller than ever when you wear this piece. It’s set onto a solid silver chain, keeping a sleek, modern attitude.

   With the combination of diamonds, silver, and the Hamza Hand, the Autobahnlife Diamond Hamsa Hand Necklace is the perfect blend of ancient and contemporary styles.

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