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Dating Casually? Our Gift Guide For The Single Life

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Gift Giving For The Single Man

It’s happened to all of us. We start dating some new with holiday season just around the corner. You want to get something for this person, but you don't want to go overboard and make too big of a statement. Investing too much in a gift while casually dating can send the wrong message, especially if boundaries have already been set.

Below are a few gift ideas for you to maintain your single life while holding onto your casual relationships this holiday season.

A spa day

This doesn't mean opting for the five-figure deluxe package that includes a diamond dust facial and saffron bath – but a gift-certificate to a spa can help your fling relax and indulge, ensuring your next date is a good one.

Make it about both of you

If you are worried about seeming too enamoured with your gift, make it about both of you. Concert tickets or a wine tasting are popular, non-extravagant options that show you want to continue spending time together.


Everyone loves chocolate. She’s sure to feel touched that you went out of your way to try and add a little sweetness to her life.


Buying her jewelry doesn’t have to signify a commitment. Choosing a stylish, simple bracelet, for example, will show that you’re a man with good taste. Try a women’s diamond ball macrame bracelet for the luxurious look at affordable prices with AAA Cubic diamonds and plated with 18kt rose gold, white gold or black titanium beads, for example.

Wine and truffles

Buying her decadent truffles and expensive wine will show that you’re a man with good taste – and you can even indulge in this treat together on your next date

Body lotion, perfume and more

Women love scented lotions, perfume and elegant pamper-products. Take note of her favourite scents and pick out a few products for her. You’ll get points for taking note of the things that are important to her. This practical and not so over-the-top gift will help maintain the status of your relationship.

Your holiday gift gesture should be big enough that it shows you put in the effort to select and buy it, but not so big that she thinks you are misinterpreting the status of the relationship. Keep the above give casual dating gift suggestions in mind and make sure you send the right message in a classy and tactful way.

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