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Best Dressed At Your Holiday Party: 5 Things You Need In Your Closet Before Christmas

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It's almost that time of year again and you know what that means – holiday parties. Holiday parties offer a great opportunity to mingle, meet new people and build relationships with those already in your social circle.

In order to stand out this holiday season, you’ll need to dress to impress. Men often overlook accessories but choosing the best bracelet or wrap, for example, can make or break an outfit. Before you begin planning your holiday outfit, ensure you’ve invested in bold and luxurious bracelets, like our Triumpho Set, made with genuine black crocodile and python leather and 18kt white gold.

Don’t blend into the background at your next holiday party, follow the below tips to ensure that your outfit makes a real statement.

  • 1. It starts with your shoes

  • The old saying ‘you can judge a man by his shoes’ still rings true. Worn-out, out-of-season shoes are a surefire way to incite instant, unflattering judgement. Invest in a good pair of quality, stylish leather dress shoes this holiday season – and take care of your shoes so they always look pristine.

  • 2. Dress older than you actually are

  • As men mature, so too should their clothes and style. The skateboard hoodie and Vans that you rocked throughout high school may have impressed your peers, but adult men are expected to look and dress their age. Dress a bit more sophisticated than the style trends for your age dictate. If your demographic typically wears skinny jeans, snapback hats and baggy sweaters, opt for something that a more mature man might consider fashionable. Form fitting, played-down colours with tasteful accent pieces like a nice watch with a leather strap and an understated but elegant belt buckle should do the trick.

  • 3. Ignore the trends

  • The best way to blend into the background at any holiday party is to look exactly like everyone else. Keep it classic and avoid anything that is too far out there, or might be considered “high fashion.” Draw attention to yourself with how tasteful your fashion sense is – not it’s absurdity.

  • 4. Get the iron out

  • Never go to a holiday party with wrinkles in your clothing. This should be filed under “goes without saying,” but it's amazing how many guys don't take the extra five minutes to run an iron over their button up shirt and dress pants – or even their tie – before heading out to holiday events. Simply being clean isn't enough to impress, your clothes also have to be neat and tidy.

  • 5. Take care of your clothes

  • If you’re investing in nice shoes, shirts, pants, jackets and more, you have to put the time and effort into caring for your clothes. Hang up all your clothing that isn’t suited for folding, and don’t neglect to have clothes dry-cleaned. As well, make sure your washing machine settings are appropriate for the material you’re washing.

    Holiday parties are your last opportunity to make a big style impression on your friends, peers, date, colleagues and more before the year ends. Put in the extra effort and follow the above five tips to make sure that you get noticed – and to ensure you’re the best dressed man at your holiday party.


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