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Best Bottle Of Liquor To Buy For Your Crew

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Best Bottle Of Liquor To Buy For Your Crew

With the holidays rolling around, it's a good time to start thinking about how you want to treat your friends for being so amazing throughout the year. One buddy helped you move, the other sat and listened for weeks as you agonized about a new job or a new fling, another lent you his tux last minute when you spilled hot sauce on yours. It's good to let your friends know they matter and that their small, and large, deeds do not go unnoticed. Why not treat your boys to a bottle of liquor this holiday season so you can all toast together and celebrate another year of crew-dom.

Johnny Walker Black

As far as scotch goes, JWB is about as good as it gets – and a sound investment. This high quality scotch is readily available and will show your crew that you’ve got classic taste.

Grey goose

Silky smooth, and served ice cold, Grey Goose is much higher quality than a lot of other commonly obtained vodkas and can be mixed so that everyone in the crew has their drink of choice. As opposed to scotch, Vodka, while certainly able to be consumed alone, lends itself better to mixing.


If you plan on ringing in the new year with the crew, chances are you are going to want to toast it with a bottle of champagne. Not prosecco, not sparkling wine – Champagne. Moet is a trusted, quality brand and top choice for celebrities and athletes. Treat your friends to this elegant and exclusive bottle.

Crown Royal

Crown is a standard label liquor – but with big taste and big quality. It's also a great drink to share with your crew because it lends itself so well to mixing. Crown bottles are elegant, readily available and will let your crew know that you value all the effort they put into your friendship.

Patron Silver

Patron is the tequila of choice for high rollers. With a much smoother flavour and a flashy, iconic bottle, this tequila stands out above the rest, including typical bar rail like Jose Cuervo or Jimador. If shots of tequila are on the menu for the holidays, or the New Year, make it a 40oz bottle of Patron Silver.

A bottle of liquor for your crew is a great way to combine all of your boy’s gifts at the same time. Instead of going out and buying everyone something individually, a bottle of high quality liquor is a great way to bring everyone together to toast your friendship.

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