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Artisan Woven Bracelets from Bali

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Deep in the jungles of an Indonesian Island, amidst the tranquility of stunning lakes and an awe-inspiring view of volcanic mountains there lies an artisan village, known for their craftmanship in creating quality woven silver jewelry. It is the heart of Bali’s intensely diverse culture, where these rich traditions have been forged by the island’s inhabitants since the Bronze Age – traditions which Autobahnlife Jewelry now brings to you, through the craftsmanship of powerful and elegant men’s pure silver Bali bracelets.


Gifted Silversmiths

Balinese artisans are gifted silversmiths, known for their wildly refined workmanship. Balinese jewelry is a harmonious blend of traditional metalwork, and hardy look of contemporary influences. The result is a unique versatility that makes the bracelets suitable whether you are casually exploring the countryside of Bali, or strolling in the upper west side of New York.

Thrilling Designs and Masterful Workmanship

Each piece in our new Bali Bracelet collection has a complex design which, to perfect, requires nothing less than the superb craftsmanship of a highly skilled silversmith. Each Piece is handmade and constructed over 10-day period.

 A Detailed Work of Art

First the silversmith weighs, melts, and mixes the metal in proportions of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. He then draws a coil of silver through a thick iron board with holes of various sizes and shapes. As it is pulled through with pliers, he cuts away any excess silver, creating a round and smooth length. This length of silver is then snipped off for the intricate silver rings that he will make for each link.

From here, the procedure differs from design to design. For our Hammered Silver Bracelet with its ornamented front piece, the artisan carefully layers the rings to form the geometric pattern of the chain. The Braided Chain Bracelet, while appearing to be a simple piece of braided rope from the outside, it is actually made by arranging the links carefully into a spiral to form the length of silver. As for the Snake Weave Bracelet, instead of using links, the skilled jeweler weaves the silver strips together tightly, whilst maintaining a fluid finish.

Once the desired arrangement is achieved, he heats the silver, and uses a hammer to very precisely form a textured design. Next, a deep oxidization polish is applied to darken the grooves of the bracelet and the surface is smoothened and polished. This is a fundamental technique in Bali silverwork, as it accentuates the woven patterns of the jewelry and gives the bracelet its distinctive, eye-catching finish. Finally, the silversmith cuts the chain to its exact length and finishes it off with handmade caps, hooks, or fasteners.

Autobahnlife Jewelry’s Bali Bracelets Exemplify Casual Luxury

At the end of this meticulous process, emerges a powerful and compelling piece of jewelry, with a contemporary look that commands attention while simultaneously exemplifying the beauty and grace of its origins. You’ll appreciate the look, weight, flexibility and comfortable feel of these bracelets. Due to their handcrafted nature, each Bali Bracelet is imbued with irresistible uniqueness and formidable character. It also means that each Autobahnlife men’s bali bracelet is available in limited quantities. 

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