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6 Accessories People Will Love To Get As Gifts This Year

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Accessories are the perfect gift for every person in your life. However, many people have a difficult time deciding on the best accessory to gift. Every person in your life has different tastes, so it’s important to find the most universally loved pieces.

Your colleagues, friends and family will undoubtedly appreciate the below five accessories, and you’ll score big points at home, the office and with your friends for adding these great pieces to their collection.

  • 1. Watches

  • Watches are a stand out accessory in the 21st century because more and more people are choosing to simply rely on their phone for the time – but as a style piece, watches are still indispensable. A watch can really bring an outfit together and attracts a lot of attention and admiration if chosen properly. To elevate the look further, pair your watch with a stylish, modern bracelet or bracelet set. Genuine crocodile and python leather mens bracelets are some of the most popular choices, but consider crocodile flat bead, shamballa, macrame, titanium and beaded men's bracelets as well.

  • 2. Ties

  • As a general rule of thumb: The more ties a man has, the better. A well-made tie, much like a watch, is an important accessory piece to bring together any outfit, whether it’s a night-out look or a professional ensemble. If you know a guy who wears a suit and tie to work every day but could use some more fashionable alternatives, apply your superior style knowledge and give him something that will make people think his fashion sense is as good as yours.

  • 3. Wallets

  • Wallets, for whatever reason, tend to be one of those things that people never buy for themselves. Consequently, they end up keeping a wallet around until it is all but disintegrated. A wallet is not only a style piece – it's also functional. You need something you can trust to keep your important pieces of identification and hard earned money safe and sound. Do the guys in your life a favour and replace that worn-out old chunk of leather with something sleek, sturdy and reliable.

  • 4. Money clips and card holders

  • A money clip is great because it makes it easy to carry around cash without appearing disorganized, or having to fumble around for bills when you go to make a purchase. Money clips are functional, and a subtle indicator of wealth and authority. Take it one step further and opt for a sleek and simple men’s genuine python leather card holder – the perfect accessory for your colleagues, crew or family. Our men’s python leather card holders at Autobahnlife are sleek, durable and made with genuine python leather.

  • 5. Messenger bags

  • Nothing screams immaturity like a man with a backpack. While backpacks are often necessary for camping, travel, hiking and so on, there are better alternatives. If you are simply going about your daily life in an urban environment, whether you’re headed to the office or University, a messenger bag is a much more sophisticated, classier option – and the sign of a mature man.

  • 6. Scarves

  • Even if it doesn't get frighteningly cold in the winter where you live, a scarf is as much as style piece as it is functional. Scarves not only provide much needed warmth, they are classy, trendy and add an instant, distinguished air to a man's outfit.


    Give the people in your life a stylish, elegant accessory this holiday season and help them add some important depth to their wardrobe. Invest in something that is going to last them a long time, and they’ll be thanking you for many months, even years to come.


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