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5 Hidden New York Hot Spots You Should know About

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New York Hotspots

New York City can be an overwhelming place, especially if you don't know your way around. Just flying into NYC, the vastness of the city's boroughs and the seemingly endless nature of the city can make the prospect of finding hidden gems appear slim. Fear not – below are five hidden New York hot spots that you should know about, whether you’re a local, there on business or planning a trip well in advance – and to make sure you look your best wherever you go, opt for Autobahnlife wristwear.

Elevated Acre

Elevated Acre is located right in the heart of the financial district, which seems like a pretty saturated place to find open areas with great views of the city – but that is exactly what Elevated Acre offers. In addition to views, it's got grass and open space to sit and relax. It’s also a great way to take the edge off if you're there on business and spending all day in a glass tower.

Teardrop Park

There is more green space to explore in New York City than just Central Park. Teardrop park on Warren Street is quiet, shady and offers a nice respite from the insane hustle and bustle of the city. Take a date for a picnic lunch to Teardrop park and impress her with your intimate knowledge of the city's escapes.

The Cloisters

Located right in the heart of Manhattan, you would think that anyone who's anyone would know about this place already. It's got a medieval museum and a park right on the north end of the island with spectacular panoramic views of the river, the Palisades, the Bronx and Manhattan.

Bathtub Gin

This great little bar, modelled after prohibition-era speakeasies, is hidden behind a secret door in the Stone Coffee Shop. It's got great cocktails and the vibe is chic, yet easy going. This is a great place to take a client or a date. We recommend trying the Martini.

The Raines Law Room

The Raines Law was actually one of many state laws that eventually resulted in Prohibition in the 1890's. This place is certainly a bit hidden – and you need to actually knock on a door to enter. You'd also be well advised to call in advance and make a reservation. Refined crowd, amazing drink selection and a definite air of exclusivity.

New York City is home to some of the most stylish people in the world. Make sure you stand out by wearing the latest trends in men’s fashion. Impress your friends, colleagues or clients and locals with genuine leather bracelet sets, beaded wraps and python leather cardholders.

If you are considering making NYC your home, are travelling there on business, or live there already and are looking for exclusive venues, keep the above five New York hotspots in mind and be the guy that everyone turns to for advice on the cool places in town.

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