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5 Grooming Trends To Avoid

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5 Grooming Trends To Avoid

While grooming is an incredibly important part of looking good, avoiding certain grooming trends is equally important. Hairstyles and grooming trends come and go, and while some elevate your look, others fall flat. If you are unsure about which grooming trends to pursue, below are five that you definitely want to avoid.

The neck beard

We've all heard the term “neck beard” before, probably used pejoratively – and for good reason: It's unsightly. Some celebrities have embraced this trend, like actor Jonah Hill. However, while Hill might look endearing, this look is definitely not for everyone. Beards are popular and can look great but as a rule of thumb, the neck has to be clean.


Mullets completely disappeared in the 80’s – to the relief of women everywhere – but with the myriad of contemporary looking hairstyles that combine radically different lengths on a single ‘do, many guys are starting to develop neo-mullet styles that are uncomfortably reminiscent of an era gone by.


For whatever reason, anti-grooming has been one of the biggest men's fashion trends of 2016. Neglecting to comb your hair, trim your bread and pluck your eyebrows can make you look like you’ve been living under a rock. While carefully crafted “anti groomed” looks at a men's fashion show might look chic and rugged, adopting this look for your average guy just screams “I don't care about my appearance.”

The man bun

This has deceptively become part of the modern male look because ridiculously attractive male models and celebrities have made it so. While a man bun on the back of a male model's head may look attractive, it will look childish on a sophisticated, professional, urban man.

It is important to look well groomed and well maintained, but don't fall victim to passing trends and styles. Pick grooming procedures that suit your body, your face and your personality – and stick to them. It’s also important to keep in mind that good grooming should be combined with good style. Pair your fresh look with stylish and bold men’s fashion and accessories, such as men’s bracelet sets and wraps that feature genuine python and crocodile leather, 18kt gold and AAA diamonds.
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