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4 Openers For Online Dating

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How To Open A Conversation While Online Dating

Whether you’re an online dating pro or a beginner still getting your feet wet, online dating offers many challenges. You would think that the seemingly endless pool of potential causal interests at your fingertips would be a major boost to your love life – but this isn’t always the case.

Women often have many men after their attention – especially on dating websites and apps. This never ending list of suitors contact them and try to interact with them all day, every day. In order to stand out from the rest, you have to make a quick first connection without actually being there in person – which is incredibly hard to do.

Before you start a conversation, make sure all your profile photos display your style. Pair the latest trends in men’s casual and professional fashion with genuine python and crocodile leather bracelets, flat bead bracelets, and wraps. This will show her you’re a man with means and good style.

Below are five openers for online dating that might just improve your chances.


Your opener should be something that grabs her attention. “Hey,” “hi,” or any other one word, generic, uninspiring greeting is to be avoided. Tell her something interesting about the world. It doesn't have to be profound – give her a fun fact or a headline from something you read. This shows that you’re an intelligent guy.

Ask something specific

If you’re going to open with a question, ask something specific. Don't say “how are you?” – that's that most boring question any stranger could ever ask another stranger. Instead, ask something a bit personalized. “What'd you have for lunch today?” “How about that latest episode of X popular T.V. Show last night?” This is much better.

Avoid sexual comments

Very rarely does this work. You can compliment her – but the fact that you find the person sexually attractive is already implied in the looks-based world of online dating. Compliment her dress or tell her you love how the blue in the dress accents the green in her eyes. Make a thoughtful, not crude, observation.

Something insightful about their bio

If they have a short bio written about themselves, chances are, they are looking to meet someone who shares the same interests and values. A bio is great because if you are resourceful, and not the greatest with starting conversations from scratch, you already have something to talk about. If she likes food, tell her you had the most amazing shrimp scampi last night. If she quotes Hemmingway, tell her something interesting about her favourite author.

Online dating, despite the safety of the screen, can be stressful. Just coming up with something to say that will set you apart from the endless lineup of other suitors can often seem pointless, especially if you live in a city of millions. Fear not – by just being casual, good-natured, and a bit thoughtful, you’ll be getting plenty of dates in no time.
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