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Our exquisite collection of Pendants and Chains for men feature real diamonds, rubies, 4.5-billion-year old meteorite space rock and precious metals like gold and 925 Sterling Silver. Our handmade pendant and chain necklaces come in a variety of exceptional designs including Hamsa Hands, Buddha, Ancient Coins, Arrows and more. Each one of our pendant necklaces carry symbolic representations of spiritual, historical and religious elements; creating timeless and meaningful pieces. Discover our full collection of mens pendants for sale.


Our modern collection of Bali Jewelry for men is handmade featuring artisan woven 925 sterling silver bracelets using a 500-year-old Indonesian technique. These Woven Silver bracelets come in a selection of exclusive designs including hammered silver, snake weave, modern chain and braided chain.

All of our Men’s Bali Bracelets carry a millennia worth of expertise that began during the Bronze Age and skillfully embodies modern influence and design. Each silver woven bracelet incorporates the art and rich heritage of bali to produce a truly wearable design. Our mens bali jewelry is elegant, masculine and versatile. They are a truly perfect sterling silver wristband for all occasions and look best when stacked. Discover our woven silver chain bracelets.

We use 925 sterling silver in many of our pieces. Want to know the difference between 925 sterling silver and regular sterling silver?


Our signature collection of luxury mens skull bracelets feature gemstones like sapphires and rubies. Each skull bracelet features exotic python and lizard leathers with polished hardware made from precious metals like 925 Sterling silver, gold and black platinum. Since the beginning of time, skulls have been seen as a symbol of power, wisdom, spirit and mortality. Skulls were used to celebrate victory in battle and to honor fallen heroes through out time. They were thought to encapsulate the spirit and wisdom of the fallen individual and serve as a conduit to transfer their spirit into the wearer of their skull. These classy men’s skull bracelets exude wisdom, power, and respect. Creating not only a superb piece of jewelry, but these men's accessories also a commanding statement about how luxury, life, and rebirth intertwine.



We offer a selection of Mens Jewelry Cuffs that are made from solid 925 sterling silver and finished with 18kt gold or black gunmetal. All of our cuff jewelry is polished to perfection and inlayed with genuine python leather. Our most popular cuff is our gunmetal python cuff; this sleek piece is our only black on black cuff. In addition, we carry four other styles which feature unique blends of exotic leathers and precious metals like red python leather and rose gold. Our leather cuff bracelets look best when paired with our skull bracelets. Discover our full collection of cuff bracelets for men.


We do offer a selection of luxury mens bracelet sets which pair our silver cuffs with one of our luxury skull bracelets. When purchasing a bracelet set you save compared to when you purchase each piece individually giving you a stacked look at a more affordable value. All of our skull and mens cuff bracelets are crafted from 925 sterling silver and are inlayed with genuine python leather. These high end mens bracelets come in blue python/lizard leather, black python/lizard leather, and red python leather. Discover our full collection of luxury bracelets in a set.


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